Lucid Seams started as an Instagram page, where Nelle could show off her second hand, thrifty finds and occasional up-cycles, whilst she figured out what to do with her post grad life.


A pub job and many fruitless cover letters and CVs later,  Nelle decided to take her career into her own hands; she began doing up-cycling commissions for friends, and eventually commissions for strangers, as well as making and selling her own handmade jewellery and homeware too, building Lucid Seams into what it is today. 

Lucid Seams is still a very small fish in a big pond, but Nelle hopes to develop her venture into a forward thinking fashion brand that helps to bring sustainable and eco conscious attitudes to the forefront of the fashion industry, whilst still cherishing creativity, style and personality in the clothes we wear.

Sustainability and a slow attitude to fashion is at the forefront of every decision made with Lucid Seams, and is reflected in every stage of production (see Ethos for sustainability info), as well as within her personal life.

Nelle's endeavour to maintain sustainability within her lifestyle motivates her own fashion habits, and her enthusiasm in advocating for healthier and mindful fashion choices contrary to fast fashion retail.  For 2021, Nelle aims to participate more prevalently within climate change activism, particularly in regards to fashion attitudes.  Outside of social media activism and attending relevant events, Nelle is documenting her efforts for a more sustainable lifestyle through various online platforms, in hopes that she'll motivate others to step out of their comfort and convenience zone and make their own efforts.